Don't Lose Your Parental Rights

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One of the biggest fears our clients have is losing their rights to custody. Your children are the center of your life, and you don't want your divorce to change your relationship with them. Protect your parental rights by hiring a child custody lawyer. Winterberg Law Office is one of the best family law firms in Kansas City, MO.

Do what's best for your children. Whether you're fighting for joint or sole custody, you can count on your lawyer's guidance throughout the process. Call 816-421-5999 now to start working on your case with a child custody lawyer.

Negotiate a child custody agreement on your terms

Don't let your former spouse make major decisions about your child's life. Protect your child's best interests by getting a fair custody agreement. If you lose custody in Kansas City, MO, your former spouse could...

  • Determine if and when you can see your child
  • Decide which schools your child goes to
  • Make major medical decisions on their behalf

You deserve a say in your child's life. Our family law firm will listen to your goals, help you understand your situation and fight for your parental rights in the best way possible.