Moving After a Divorce? Get Legal Support.

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Relocation after a divorce can be a source of heated conflict with your former spouse. Your children are involved, and you both want to be able to see them a fair amount. If you're dealing with post-decree relocation matters in Kansas City, MO, you need a lawyer to advocate for you. Winterberg Law Office will fight for court approval for you.

We'll help you find a way to have a calm discussion with your ex-spouse and reach a reasonable solution. Call 816-421-5999 now to get more information on relocation after a divorce.

Do you need help with your relocation after a divorce ?

Post-decree relocation in Kansas City, MO is subject to court approval. Some factors that may affect this approval include:

  • Why you're relocating
  • How the other parent will be affected
  • If the move will impact your child's quality of life

Let us make the process go more smoothly for you and your child.